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Space Marines

Space Marines are the classic Warhammer 40K army. Dating back to the days before the Rogue Trader book was even released. The original Space Marine figures are now affectionately known as "beakies," named for the distinctive shape of the helmet of the original armor. Later, a history of Marine armor was published and the "original" armor became known as Mark VI with the "new" marine armor becoming Mark VII.

Space Marines are genetically enhanced super-human warriors which date back to the founding of the Imperium over 10,000 years ago. Space Marines are organized into chapters, each with it's own distinct style, heraldry, and history. In the "modern Imperium" each chapter of Space Marines is comprised of roughly 1,000 individuals, and there are around 1,000 chapters of space marines. (This gives a total of roughly 1 million space marines "in armor" at any one time. A number which I've always thought was a little low considering their actual strength on the tabletop, and the size of the Imperium as a whole.)

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