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Last Update: June 30, 1999

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Technical Virtue is dedicated to examining the plethora of advanced, amazing, impractical, or just plain odd AFV designs developed by Germany during World War II. Many of the vehicles presented here represent designs which were many years ahead of their time, appeared too late to see production. If they had, these vehicles would have undoubtedly made a profound impact on the battlefield. Other vehicles represent an unusual, yet functional, solution to problems encountered by the Wehrmacht during the course of the war. Finally, some vehicles were grossly impractical or fantastical wonder weapons which were the product of desperation and overly-active imagination. These ideas frequently never made it off of the drawing board, and while they were often technological masterpieces, they would have been logistical nightmares of dubious tactical value.

I am an avid model builder focusing on 1/35th scale armor. These vehicles have often been a source of inspiration for model building projects. I am fascinated by the technical side of AFV development and evolution, so it seems natural that I would focus on these unusual vehicles as they in many ways epitomize an uncompromising attempt at technological mastery.

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