Panzerkampfwagen KV I (r) mit 7.5cm PaK

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The Germans put a great deal of the equipment captured during the long four years of war with the Soviet Union to good use. During the early stages, most of the equipment captured was obsolete, but as the war progressed, the newer Soviet designs were used until they could no longer be maintained. Many of the later vehicles were used without modification. This KV I seems to be an exception to this rule. Not only has the Soviet 76.2mm gun been replaced with the German PaK 40, but the commander's hatch has been replaced with a cupola.

In addition to modifications, the vehicle appears to have been repainted as well. The contrast is too low for the vehicle to have remained in its Soviet green paint-scheme. It is therefore likely that the vehicle has been painted overall Panzer yellow. Also note the large balkankreuz on the turret side.


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