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What a long wild trip it's been. I've got Photoshop working on my computer again, so look for a major update in the next week or two. Work has been picking up, so I haven't had as much time to work on the page as I would like.

Now the big news: I've taken all of the comments received from the first prototype of the redesign and hammered out a (hopefully) better Rev 2. The second prototype of the page is here. Warning! This page uses frames and is best viewed at 600 x 800 resolution. Furthermore none of the "Return to Main Page" links will work quite correctly (they'll take you to the old main page in the right frame). Again, give me your comments and we'll go from there. Nothing is set in stone yet, I happen to think given the size of the page the Rev 2 prototype makes navigation a lot easier, but I'll wait and see what you, the readers, think. E.mail me with comments and/or suggestions.


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