Flakpanzer Panther "COELIAN"

Model by Demeter Marton

Flakpanzer Panther "Coelian"
Armament Flakzwilling 37mm
Rate of Fire 2 x 500 round/min
Muzzle Velocity 1000 m/s
Maximum Range 6600 meters
Maximum Altitude 4800meters
In late January 1944, work began on at Rheinmetall-Borsig under the code name "COELIAN" to design a Flakpanzer turret mounting a twin 37mm gun. The turret was to be fully armored with a 360 degree traverse. The vehicle was designed to ward of rampaging allied dive bombers and ground attack aircraft. The photo below shows the mock-up built on the Panther Ausf. D. If the vehicle had seen production, it would have undoubtedly been based on the Ausf. G as it would not have appeared until late 1944. This hypothetical version is shown in the two photographs of the model. The turret details are featured in the second model photo.

Photo from Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War II

Detail of the Turret

Model by Demeter Marton


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