Panther with Panzer IV Turret

Photo from Schwere Jagdpanzer

This unique vehicle is another from the inventory of schw. pz. jäg. Abt. 653. This chassis and hull is clearly that of a Panther Ausf. D., while the turret appears to be from a Panzer IV Ausf. G, H, or J (with the additional side armor). The vehicle was used in the command section of the unit.

This vehicle apparently has a rather long history. The first modification to the original Panther was conversion to Bergepanther. At some point it was decided to then convert the Bergepanther to a command vehicle. At this point, the Panzer IV turret was added (apparently along with the Panzer IV turret ring to replace the hull top removed to create the Bergepanther).


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