Panther Ausf. F

Model by David Coyne, Dublin, Ireland

The Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf. F (or Panther Ausf. F) was to be the next mark of the Panther replacing the Ausf. G. The Ausf. F was to differ from the Ausf. G in many respects:

  1. The new Diamler-Benz 'Schmal' turret was to be utilized. This turret featured a stereoscopic range-finger, a connical gun mantlet for use with the 7.5cm KwK 42/1, a coaxial MG42, and thicker armor.
  2. 25mm roof armor as opposed to the previous 16mm.
  3. Driver's and Hull Gunner's hatches designed to be lifted slightly and moved to the side.
  4. Hull machine gun designed for the MP44.
  5. Stowage, radios, and weapons arragned so that the troops could convert any Panther to a command tank.
  6. The anti-aircraft mount installation was preparted to a point at which the crew could install the rest.
  7. The steel-rimmed 'silent bloc' wheels were to become standard.

Panzerkampfwagen V Ausf. F
Crew: 5 Engine: Maybach HL230P30
Weight: 45 tons Gearbox: 7 foreward, 1 reverse
Length: 8.86 meters Maximum speed: 55km/hr
Width: 3.44 meters Maximum range: 200km
Height: 2.92 meters Primary gun: One 7.5cm KwK42/1 L/70
Radio: FuG5 Ammunition: 79 rounds

None of the Schmalturms ever made it past the prototype stage, therefore no complete Panther Ausf. F's were ever produced. Reports indicate that 8 hulls had however been produced by Diamler-Benz in 1945.


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