Model by Matt Ward.

Late in the war, numerous proposals were made for mounting medium to large caliber weapons on the Panther chassis. One of these was to mount the 15cm StuH43/1 in the Panther turret creating a Panther equivalent to the Brummbär, but with a fully traversing turret. The initial proposal was made by Krupp, while Alkett was working on a similar proposal using the Sturmgeschütz III chassis. Krupp proposed using the commander's cupola from a Tiger and the gunsight of the Maus on the Sturmmörser Panther.

Given the size and expense of the Panther chassis, one must question the validity of the Krupp proposal. Long barreled versions of 15cm weapons could be mounted on the Panther chassis, therefore mounting the short 15cm StuH43/1 in the Panther seems to be a waste of material. The vehicle never made it off of the drawing board before the end of hostilities.


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