7.62cm PaK36(r) auf Panzerkapfwagen II Ausf D

Photo from Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War II

This vehicle has the honor of one of the longest designations I've found for any German Vehicle. Officially the Panzer Selbstfahrlafette 1 für 7.62cm PaK36(r) auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf D1 und D2 (Sd Kfz 132), it represented the first German attempt to mount the excellent Soviet 76.2mm anti-tank gun in a self-propelled mounting. The hull and superstructure was unchanged from the Alkett LaS chassis designed to be the Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf D, E, and Flamm.

A total of 201 of these vehicles were produced and were supplied to Panzer and Panzergrenadier divisions from 1942 onwards. They were only intended as a stopgap measure, as their superstructure was very high (making them a prominent target). They were gradually phased out in 1944 having served their intended purpose admirably.

Photo from German Tanks and Armored Vehicles 1914-1945

7.62cm PaK36(r) auf Panzerkapfwagen II Ausf D
Crew: 4 Armament: One 7.62cm PaK36(r) L/51.5 and 1 7.92mm MG34
Weight: 11.5 tons Traverse: 50o (hand)
Length: 5.65 meters Elevation: -5o +16o
Width: 2.3 meters Engine: Maybach HL62TRM
Height: 2.6 meters Gearbox: 7 forward, 3 reverse
Radio: FuG Spr d Speed: 55 km/hr


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