Sturminfanteriegeschütz 33B

Photo from Panzer III and Its Variants

After experimenting with open-topped mountings of the siG33 on the Panzer I and Panzer II, it was decided that a fully-enclosed compartment would be used for the next attempt. This new mounting utilized the hull as the Sturmgeschütz III Ausf E and F/8 but with a completely redesigned superstructure to create the StuIG33B. As with previous self-propelled vehicles mounting the siG33, production numbers were low, with only 24 having been completed from December 1941 to October of 1942. The primary mission for these vehicles was knocking down buildings and other fortifications encountered during city fighting.

Some of the StuIG33B's were sent along with a Sturmgeschütz company to Stalingrad in November of 1942. Another group was attached to 23rd Panzer division in the campaign to break the Soviet encirclement of Stalingrad. This same group later served to delay the Soviet advances in the region during the following winter.

Sturminfanteriegeschütz 33B
Crew: 5 Armament: One 15cm Stu I G L/11, one 7.92mm MG34
Weight: 21 tons Traverse: 3o left 3o right (hand)
Length: 5.4 meters Elevation: -3o +25o
Width: 2.9 meters Engine: Maybach HL 120TRM
Height: 2.3 Gearbox: 6 forward, 1 reverse
Radio: FuG Spr d Speed: 20 km/hr


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