Armored Ferry Based on the Panzerkampfwagen IV

Photo from Panzerkampfwagen IV and Its Variants

River crossings and amphibious operations remain as a challenge to armies even today. It is therefore not surprising that the German army attempted to develop several vehicles to aid in any military campaign involving bodies of water. This amphibious tractor was based on the suspension of a Panzer IV.

Known as the "Panzerfaehre" (armored ferry), this vehicle was to be the successor to the "Landwasserschlepper." Two units would be straddled by a self-floating ferry deck. The purpose of the system was to allow the quick crossing of rivers and other small bodies of water by tanks. The hull of the armored ferr was impervious to existing armor-piercing shell fire. However, as the weight of armored vehicles was rapidly increasing, the project was not developed further than a few test vehicles.


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