Sturmgeschütz IV

Model by Matt Ward.

In my experience, the StuG. IV seems to be one of the least photographed vehicles of the war. Given the sheer volumes of photographs of Jagdtigers, Elefants, Tiger II's, and StuG III's, the limited photos I've encountered of the 1,100+ StuG. IV's produced seems unusual (maybe I'm just unlucky in my photo hunts). The Sturmgeschütz IV was basically the StuG III superstructure mounted on a Panzerkampfwagen IV chassis. Given that the standard Panzer IV gun tanks were mounting a similar 7.5cm weapon, the impetus to create a Sturmgeschütz version of the Panzer IV without upgunning was limited. However, when the Alkett facility was bombed (drastically cutting StuG. III production), Krupp converted all of its Panzerkampfwagen IV production to StuG. IV. Conversion of the line was complete in January 1944

For all intents and purposes, the StuG. IV was used in a manner analogous to that of the StuG. III. It was issued to Sturmgeschütz brigades, Panzerjäger detachments, and tank detachments to support the infantry and act as a tank destroyer. The vehicle was employed until the end of hostilities in 1945.

Sturmgeschütz IV
Crew: 4 Armament: One 7.5cm StuK40 L/48, one 7.92mm MG34
Weight: 23 tons Traverse: 20o(hand)
Length: 6.7 meters Elevation: -6o +20o
Width: 2.95 meters Engine: Maybach HL 120TRM and TRM112 (late)
Height: 2.2 meters Gearbox: 6 forward, 1 reverse
Radio: FuG15 + FuG16 Speed: 38 km/hr


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