Panzerkampfwagen Lwe

Drawing from German Armored Rarities 1935-1945

In Spring of 1942, the Krupp firm began work on a tank to replace the Tiger. It was to be larger, heavier, and mount a 10.5cm KwK L/70 gun. The vehicle received the designation Panzerkampfwagen VII and was name Lwe (Lion). The model pictured is the 90-ton version which was to have 120mm frontal armor. The vehicle was to have a suspension consisting of overlapping pairs of roadwheels mounted on torsion bars.

A shortened, 80-ton version of the Lwe was proposed mounting the 8.8cm KwK L/71 with 140mm frontal armor. The technical specifications of this shortened vehicle were amazingly similar to the eventual Tiger II production models.

Panzerkampfwagen Lwe
Crew: 5 Armament: one 10.5cm KwK L/70 + two 7.92mm MG34
Weight: 90 tons Traverse: 360o
Length: 7.74 meters (sans gun) Elevation: unknown
Width: 3.83 meters Engine: Maybach HL230 P30
Height: 3.08 meters Gearbox: 12 speeds
Radio: unknown, most likely an FuG 5 Speed: 23 km/hr


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