Photo of "Bergetiger" turret from The Tiger Tanks

One of the most controvertial variants of the Tiger I is the so-called "Bergetiger." One vehicle was found in Italy in June of 1944, and many sources indicate this is a recovery vehicle based on the Tiger I. There has been, however, a great deal of disagreement about the actual role of this vehicle.

Technical Virtue is going to "enter the fray" regarding this vehicle in an attempt to determine the actual function of the vehicle. I will post submissions which analyze the function of this vehicle in hopes that untilmate its true role will be settled.

Read through the articles below and feel free to sent in comments or articles of your own. I will post well-written articles as I receive them.

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"BERGETIGER:" What is It? by Gary Zimmer

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Another photo (rear view) of the turret from The Tiger Tanks

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