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Listing of Horses

The following is a list of all horses owned by STar Farm Arabians and Kinda Small Farm. Included is the registered name, registry number, price (if for sale), lineage, foaling date, color, and sex. Images of many of the horses are available by clicking on the horse's name.

Name Reg # Sire Dam Dam's Sire Foaled Color Sex
@Raffsindi 163082 Sir Raffon Sindeara Sindibad 06/04/77 G S
@Ibn El Shikar 501603 PV El Shikar Ewas Astraleah ROH Beta Gulastra 03/19/94 C S
SFA Triagl 558480 Raffsindi Raffairah Raffonel Amin 04/24/98 G S
Maryke 111727 Serch Corbryia Kubriya 04/29/74 G M
Porsche 162145 Ferdare Twin Fir Ganna NA Ganna 07/13/77 B M
Raffairah 316831 Raffonel Amin Wildrose Farina Al Marah Radames 03/05/83 B M
An Infatuation 339178 An Marreto Jamal Vallee Sur Lee 09/20/84 B M
ST Ynarra 434731 PV Sol DeMidas PS Optimystika PV El Shikar 05/12/89 G M
Gem Hadar 520298 Gems Rocker Raffairah Raffonel Amin 4/19/95 B M
Migizi 533160 Firgrove Sunriver An Infatuation An Marretto 05/31/96 B M
Myfanwy SFA 542952 Raffsindi Raffairah Raffonel Amin 05/18/97 B M
Bodicca SFA pending Raffsindi Raffairah Raffonel Amin 05/28/99 G M
$Aldebaron SFA 558481 Raffsindi ST Ynarra PV Sol DeMidas 04/30/98 B G
$KSFA El Jakar 558483 Ibn El Shikar Maryke Serch 07/12/98 G G
$Knight Lyte pending Knight Hawk Oh Hosannah Havoc 04/16/99 B S
$Meurig SFA 542971 Raffsindi An Infatuation An Marretto 05/24/97 B G
$KSFA Nine Eleven 542957 Firgrove Sunriver Porsche Ferdare 06/19/97 G G
$KSFA Targa pending Ibn El Shikar Porsche Ferdare 05/31/99 B S
KSF Mikada 542951 Firgrove Sunriver Maryke Serch 06/10/97 G M
@ - At Stud. Click on link for stud fee.
$ - For Sale

Other Star Farm Arabs that have found happy new humans.

Name Reg # Sire Dam Dam's Sire Foaled Color Sex
Firyarran 521962 Firgrove Sunriver ST Ynarra PV Sol DeMidas 06/08/95 C G
Rikellen (working) Some wacky stallion we don't claim! ST Ynarra PV Sol DeMidas XX/XX/94 G M

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