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Technical Virtue is a web site dedicated to examining the array of advanced, amazing, impractical, or just plain odd AFV designs developed by Germany during World War II. Many of these projects were well thought-out designs which appeared too late to see production. If they had, they would have undoubtedly made an impact on the battlefield. Other projects were a product of a nation desperate to gain a technological edge over the Allied armies. Germany could not match the production numbers of the United States and Soviet Union in terms of armor, so the emphasis was forced to that of quality over quantity. Finally, some projects were grossly impractical or fantastical. These ideas frequently never made it off of the drawing board, and while they were often technological masterpieces, they would have been logistical nightmares of dubious tactical value.

I am an avid model builder focusing on 1/35th scale armor. These vehicles have often been a source of inspiration for modelling projects. I am fascinated by the technical side of AFV development and evolution, so it seems natural that I would focus on these unusual vehicles as they in many ways epitomize an uncompromising attempt at technological mastery.

Since this site was founded over 10 years ago, the degree of interest in German AFV's, especially the unusual ones, has skyrocketed. In 1998, if you wanted to build an E-10, you spent a lot of money for a resin kit or tried to scratch build one. Today you can buy a plastic version from Trumpeter. Converted French tanks used by the Germans in Normandy were a staple for kitbashers and scratchbuilders in the late 90's. Today, not only can you buy a plastic kit, but you can buy the 21st Panzer Division for miniatures wargaming!

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One of the primary goals of this page is for me to not only pass on information on some of my favorite vehicles, but to learn more about them (and contact people with similar interests). If you have questions, comments, requests, ideas or submssions, e.mail me at: fingolfen (at) yahoo (dot) com

The content of this web page is not meant to imply any support or approval of the Third Reich or Nazi thought. It's sole purpose is to examine the development of German AFV's during World War II from a purely technical standpoint.

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